The Curly Girl Method

Curly girl in denial (that’s me!) Beginning Week 1:

The “Curly Girl” method or the ‘CG method’ is apparently the most popular way of caring for curly hair (I seemed to have missed finding out about it until now though!)

Some of you might have heard of this method as it was made pretty famous by Lorraine Massey, who is the owner of the DevaChan hair salon in New York, she also has a book called the ‘Curly Girl’.

2 weeks ago I came across a post about the “curly girl” method.. I have always straightened my hair or tied it up as when natural and brushed it is just a frizzy ball of mess!

I was a bit sceptical as there is a pretty big no no list and the CG method means you:

–  Do Not Use Shampoo!     

  –  No heat so no more straightening or hot blow dries…                  

  No brushing

– You ‘Wash’ your hair with a silicone free conditioner 2-3 times a week. This is known as ‘Co-washing’.
– Do a deep treatment once a week – moisturising or a protein treatment
– Cut out ALL hair products or stylers that contain silicones or sulphates or other baddies.

BUT…. the results of other people doing this method are amazing!! 

This all sounded like a lot to take in so I joined a couple of groups to find out a bit more and after reading a LOT of posts, q&a’s and websites I decided to give it a go and see what happens!


Day 1

I did a final shampoo wash using the recommended baby shampoo to get all the bad stuff out of my hair and then co- washed (conditioner washed) my hair by using a curly girl friendly conditioner and finger combed my hair. I used the Noughty range of products found here.

I then left to air dry just to see what would happen without using any other products or curly girl methods. I was pretty happy with the results though, my hair was softer and nowhere near as much frizz as normal!

Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 18.02.54 - Edited

Day 2 

My hair looked a little unruly this morning so I put a little water on my hands and ran my fingers through my hair and then scrunched in some leave in conditioner. This helped calm some of the frizz down a little bit more.

My hair after Day 2:                                         IMG_20180209_090351 - Edited


This info below is from the British curlies website and explains what silicones are and what they do:

“If you are not aware of what silicones actually are and the effect they can have on your hair, here is an explanation. Silicones are substances that can be identified in the ingredients list on the back of the hair product by their endings –CONE, -CONOL and –XANE. They are often referred to as ‘cones. The reason silicones should be avoided in your hair care regime is that they build-up in your hair and cannot be removed by conditioner only or by ‘co-washing’. They can only be removed by sulphate shampoos which should be cut out of your routine as they are far too harsh for curly hair. Effects of sulphate shampoos can include dryness, breakage and excessive shedding and the dreaded… FRIZZ!!
The reason why silicones are actually added to curly hair products is that they do seal moisture in. But this comes with a down side as they also seal moisture out. So it is best to avoid these all together. Silicones also coat the hair producing a shiny effect, but this can be achieved using the CG method as you will be getting more moisture into your hair and not using harsh shampoos to remove silicone build-up.”

Do you know of or do the CG method?? Let me know your results and routine by commenting below!



2 thoughts on “The Curly Girl Method

  1. So glad I’m not the only person that’s the last to hear about this! I’m starting this week. It took me ages to find the products that are CG friendly. How are you getting on with it?


    • Hi, its been good now I’m over the transition hair which was awful! I’ve figured out a good routine but had to play around with products to see what suits my hair though.. how have you found it so far?


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