Curlee Box review

I discovered this box subscription by accident after seeing a review on social media and the box looked fantastic!

I contacted the company to find out a little more and the monthly box contains 4-6 full size products and it has both major and independent brands included.

My first box was the March box (£20) there is also a children’s box available for £17.

The box was bigger than I was expecting when it arrived and the packaging inside was lovely.

Once I had opened it all up these were the products inside:

As you can see they are all products by Eden. 2 are the citrus fusion line and 3 are coconut and shea.

I have not heard of this brand before so quite excited to try all the products!

First out the box is the Eden essentials hydrate and soothe butter. Big bonus with this one as it is not just for hair! You can use this on your body too.

Next up is the nourish and style mousse. I haven’t used mousse that often as I normally use gel but going to give this a go and will leave a product review 🙂

Next we have the coconut and Shea moisture shampoo. I currently follow the cg method and don’t use shampoo but this would be a good shampoo to use to reduce product build up or if you follow a low poo method. Smells gorgeous too!

The natural creamy conditioner comes in a really good squeeze tube and this will definitely be added into my routine!

Finally the control edge glaze, this is a pretty good product to have as you can use it to tame frizzy and any hairs that are no co operating! Good size tub so should last a while too.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this month’s sub box and looking forward to my next one. Apart from the shampoo the products are all curly girl method friendly (no sulphates, silicones or parabens) and are made from natural ingredients.

Check out the Curlee box website here .

Please leave a comment if you use these products and let me know the results!

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