Apicia pollen blush

This is an item I received in the Glossybox subscription box this month and it is not just a blusher!

The Apicia blush made in Paris with natural ingredients contains organic bee pollen that will nourish your skin and not just on your cheeks, you can use this creamy rose colour on your eyes and lips too.

If you want that added depth of colour you can even layer it up. It’s essy to apply and blends easily and I have a feeling this may soon become one of my make up bag essentials..

To find this or the other products in their natural range check their website out here.

Sand&Sky Pink clay mask

This is currently my favourite face mask!

This gorgeous Australian mask made with all natural and organic ingredients is easy to apply with your fingertips or a brush. It gradually dries over 10-15 mins and you wash off with warm water.

I can definitely say that it does what it says on the packaging:

Detox: draws out impurities, toxins and pollutants

Invigorates: regenerates skin cells and gently removes pigment clusters.

Refines: tightens pores and stimulates collagen production

Brightens: helps protect the skin from damage

And don’t need a lot of clay for each application a pot lasts ages!

I find after using it my skin feels so soft and clear and I now use it once a week as I have really noticed a difference in my skin.

Check out their website here : http://www.sandandsky.com

Glossy box vs birch box

I have had glossy box for the last 2 months and I am still undecided if it is the right box for me.

Although these are full size products compared to birchbox where I tend to use the majority of the products sent I seem to have 1 or 2 products from glossybox that end up sat on my dresser that I probably won’t ever use.

I am going to keep going with my subscription for a couple more months and see if I change my mind as the products that I have used from the box have been great!

The subscription works in a fairly similar way to birch box, monthly subs and fill out an online profile so they match products to your skin tone and hair etc. This means the products sent to you are more likely to suit you.

Unlike birchbox, glossybox doesn’t currently have an app to use but the website is fairly easy to use.

Check it out here.

Packaging is pretty and the boxes look lovely if you use them to store makeup or as gift boxes and are slightly larger than the Birchboxes.

Overall I think birchbox is currently my favourite but glossybox still had time to win me over!

Check out birchbox here.

Birchbox so far…

I subscribed to birchbox towards the end of last year and I have now received 3 boxes and I love opening them each month!

They are filled with 5 products each month, some full size but mainly travel and sample size. This is perfect for me as I like to try before I buy. Subscription is £12.95 including p&p and when you subscribe you can get discounts off their birchbox shop. The discount increases the longer you have a subscription.

You can tailor your subscription to suit your skin/hair and you will receive a mix of products based on your preferences.

One of the nice things about this box is the packaging, each month it comes in a gorgeously designed box that reflects the contents of the box and I use the boxes for storing makeup and jewellery after!

Inside the box there is always an information card which explains a little about each product and how to us it.

To check out birchbox take a look here.

Thanks for reading!

Fresh face (newbie)

So, I’m fairly new to the world of beauty and make up products. I’ve never had the time to try and learn what to use or how to use it etc. Being sporty since I was young I felt it was a waste of time and money wearing many products as it would just be ruined at some point in the day as I was swimming and doing outdoor sports the majority of the time!

Over the last few years I have found some great products for when I am doing sports including make up, body and sun cream. (Will do a seperate post on this) but before Christmas last year I overheard someone telling a friend about a subscription box called birchbox (another post too) and thought I would treat myself and give it a go as the idea of some pampering trial sized products sounded a perfect end of year treat to myself!

Since then I have joined several online groups and other box subscriptions and I will be reviewing these regularly but my main interest is in natural/organic products and curly hair care!

I am looking forward to sharing my reviews and posts with you and feel free to leave comments or questions about products on my posts 🙂